Thanks to 1Password for sponsoring this week! I’ve been using 1Password since before it was called 1Password, and I wouldn’t want to work without the security it provides. I’ve tested similar products, but nothing has topped the combination of convenience and security of 1Password.

What do you do when you have to create yet another account on yet another website? Do you panic because you know it’s a bad idea to rely on the password you’ve used on other sites? Use a system, like jumbling the site name and adding some personal flair? Avoid creating a new account because you just don’t want to deal with it?

Your days of feeling stressed because of passwords are over, thanks to 1Password. Use its Strong Password Generator to create long, strong, unique passwords everywhere you need them, then automatically save them. Log in to websites with a single click of your mouse or a couple of finger taps.

Despite what its name may lead you to believe, 1Password isn’t just about generating gobbledygook passwords—it also helps you keep track of all sorts of sensitive information: addresses, credit cards, bank accounts, passport details, and even free-form text. All together. All behind the single password only you know.

Best of all, 1Password Families takes the frustration out of sharing your most sensitive information. No more shouting the Netflix password across the room at your kids, frenzied calls from the house sitter after they forgot the alarm code, or frustration because your partner is the only one who can make the credit card payment.

1Password has been a trusted name for almost a decade. Trust the software, trust the people who make it. A world-class customer support team—which includes everyone in the company, even the developers and co-founders!—is available to help you, seven days a week, in forums, by e-mail, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Check out 1Password today and achieve online security and hassle-free password management.