Thanks to Fetching for sponsoring this week! I’ve been a Fetching user for almost a year now, and I can vouch that—even if you think you have a great memory—it will save your butt regularly.

Fetching is a major upgrade to your browser history. It automatically (and securely) saves the full text of every web page you visit, then provides advanced search features that allow you to recall any web page you’ve seen without having to decide what to bookmark.

Fetching’s state-of-the-art search means you can find any post or article you’ve seen, even if it was months (or years) ago and you only remember a few keywords. Everything you browse is automatically saved and indexed, and intelligent, full-text search keeps a massive amount of information a few keystrokes away.

You can also use tags to group and identify related information, turn stored pages into traditional bookmarks, and even add notes to web pages for future reference.

Fetching is available as a cloud-based service or a native OS X app, and both provide integration with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. However you browse the web, stop bookmarking and just browse, search, and find.

You can try Fetching for free for 30 days, and for readers, the coupon code brettterpstra-31416 will save you 30% on a purchase.