Thanks to Marketcircle and Billings Pro for sponsoring this week! I’ve been using Billings and Billings Pro for all of my freelance time tracking and invoicing for years, and am happy to have Marketcircle’s support!

Marketcircle is a Mac-based software company in Toronto that helps small businesses grow with amazing Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad apps. Marketcircle’s award-winning app, Billings Pro can help you save time, stay organized, and work happier.

Billings Pro is a time-tracking and invoicing app that helps freelancers, teams and small businesses create beautiful and professional invoices. With less time managing invoices, you have more time to focus on clients and do the work you love.

New to Billings Pro is support for Apple’s latest iOS feature, multitasking for iPad. This feature lets you work with two different apps in a split-screen view. What better time to use Billings Pro side by side with another app than when you’re doing research for a client, tracking time for a project, or looking up notes for the invoice your creating.

If you have an Apple Watch, running timers to automatically add to invoices is convenient from everywhere you go.

Read more about how small businesses have grown with the help of Billings Pro and learn more about the top invoicing app for Mac and iOS at the Marketcircle website.