CodeReminder: don’t forget to play

I put together a little utility this morning to help me remember what GitHub repositories I’ve grabbed with the intention of playing with later. I often clone or fork a repo and plan to explore it over a weekend, but then quickly forget about it if I don’t add a reminder.

CodeRemind works with and/or OmniFocus. When you run it with no arguments, it will add a task to a “Code Reminders” list, using the base name of the current folder as the title, with the full file path as a note. You can use -r (reminder) and/or -t (OmniFocus task), add an additional note (-n NOTE), and optionally provide a custom path to override the use of $PWD. The default type and the name of the list/project can be configured in the script. Configuration and usage details are available on the project page.

I could come up with a Pinboard system to deal with this, but making it work the way I want would require deleting bookmarks, removing a “playwith” tag, or adding a “playedwith” tag to simulate a checklist, and that’s extra work with potential messiness. I could also use a TaskPaper list, but my current system uses TaskPaper documents per-project, and overarching tasks are added to OmniFocus (or doing if I’m actively pursuing them). This system just provides tidy checklists for things I might get around to but which have no real urgency. It’s just a temporary bookmarking system.

See the CodeReminder project page for source code and documentation.

Brett Terpstra

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