Thanks to PDFpenPro 7 from Smile for sponsoring this week!

PDFpenPro is the advanced version of PDFpen, the ultimate all-purpose PDF editor from Smile. It does everything that PDFpen does, such as add signatures, edit text and images, perform OCR on scanned documents, and export in Microsoft Word format. Only PDFpenPro can create an interactive PDF form, build a table of contents, set document permissions, and convert websites to multi-page PDFs.

The new PDFpenPro 7 adds easy editing of OCR text from scanned documents as well as export in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and PDF archive formats.

PDFpen can export PDFs of spreadsheets and presentations into editable formats. With PDFpenPro 7.1, users can set the tool tip on form fields, allowing VoiceOver-accessible forms that even users with disabilities can easily fill out.

Edit PDFs on the go with PDFpenPro’s iOS companion app, PDFpen for iPad & iPhone.

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