Thanks to everybody who entered in the Painless tmux giveaway! And congratulations to the lucky winners. If you didn’t get an email from the Giveaway robot, please contact me!

Names are listed as they were entered:

  • Andy
  • Jakob Ekstrom
  • Ottmar klaas
  • Leonardo Bighi
  • Alexander Gräfe
  • Raymond Phillips
  • Christian reuter
  • Xiia
  • Nick Lufley
  • Dwight Shih
  • Richard Koopmann
  • Darrin Hanson
  • Chris Vannoy
  • Nick Kaczkowski
  • Rob Mathers
  • Tim Kingman
  • Ed Gauthier
  • Andreas Lattka
  • Bryan Borough
  • Jean-Philippe Sirois

If you entered, you were obviously interested in the subjects of tmux and/or vim. If you didn’t win, I recommend taking the plunge and picking up the Painless tmux and Painless Vim books!