Thanks to Backblaze for sponsoring this week!

A world free of data loss worries: that’s what Backblaze online backup strives for. Backblaze is an online backup provider that allows users to back up unlimited data at unthrottled speeds, and does it all for just $5/month per computer.

Backblaze runs natively on both your PC and your Mac and backs up all your movies, music, photos, videos, files, and whatever other bits of data you have on your computer. It’s automatic, continuous, and secure.

Backing up files is easy, but what about accessing those files? Backblaze has iOS and Android apps available to let you retrieve documents quickly. If you need more data, you can download .zip restores from the Backblaze web site using any web browser. If everything hits the fan, Backblaze can even send you a flash key or a USB Hard Drive with all of your data on it.

Stop putting off backing up your computer. It’s easier than ever with Backblaze. Head to the Backblaze homepage and start your free trial today!