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Not that I plan to make a habit of “Friday Freebies,” but here’s a little something I’ve been playing with for a while. It’s not an app. It’s not even functional. Just a series of rock-lyric-inspired typographic wallpapers for iOS and desktop. I didn’t output every possible pixel size, but the primary ratios you need are there for standard, widescreen, and iPhone 6/plus.

Download the full set at the bottom and plunder as desired. These have a permanent home in the “otherstuff” category (along with the random ringtones) under Wallpapers.

Rock Paper Rock Wallpapers v1.0.0

A collection of typographic wallpapers based on classic rock and punk songs for iPhone/iPad/Desktop

Published 04/30/15.

Updated 04/30/15. Changelog

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Brett Terpstra

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