I haven’t written about every episode of Systematic (or Overtired) for a long time. I really should, as there have been a slew of great guests in recent episodes. From Lex Friedman to a return appearance from Merlin Mann, a very interesting conversation with Belle Beth Cooper of Exist, and a supercut of the amazing John Roderick series.

Things have gotten productive with guests like David Allen, Mike Vardy, and research lecturer Joel Anderson.

My conversation with Rabbi Eric Linder is among my personal recent favorites, and I love the approachable nerd vibe of Rich Stevens and Grant Robertson.

Most recently, I’ve been interviewing a string of “women in tech.” Kelly Guimont and Ashley Esqueda kicked off the month, and then I had the chance to interview Molly Holzschlag.

If you’re way behind on Systematic and only have time to catch up on one episode, make it #137 with Molly Holzschlag.

Molly’s first appearance last week is the beginning of a series where we’re going to tell her life story, and it’s a fascinating and inspiring one. It will mostly be of interest to people who use the web, which is to say that every human who visits a website ever should check it out. Molly was a major player in shaping the web as you know it now, and an exciting person talk to. Her life has not been all roses, and that’s going to be part of the story, but it’s going to end on a hopeful and upbeat note that will leave you thinking about your own life in new ways.

Next up (today or tomorrow), Jean MacDonald of App Camp for Girls will be talking more about the camp (and the work behind it) that’s bringing the tools for a future in coding to middle school girls. We’ll also talk about the brand new App Camp Quiz Compendium app that includes some of the work produced by the campers!

Overtired (with Christina Warren) has been growing as well, and we’ve started bringing guests on board to take the crazy even further. If you’re looking for a podcast that’s informative but random and edgy and full of pop culture, you should be tuning in!

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