MeisterTask was officially announced today. It’s a web-based project management app from the team behind my favorite web-based mind mapping app, MindMeister. MindMeister offers a more visual way to think and collaborate, and MeisterTask continues that vision by turning brainstorms into actions.

MeisterTask is similar in function to Trello, but offers a more complete project management environment with a beautiful user interface. I’ve been trying MeisterTask out in beta for a while now, and it’s a pleasure to use. There’s an iOS companion, too.

In addition to the Kanban-style overviews of each project, every project and task contains conversation and a full activity history. You can use @mentions in conversations on any task, and inviting and onboarding new members to any project is streamlined, even if they’ve never used MeisterTask before.

Tasks can have links, photos, and other attachments connected, including direct integration with MindMeister maps. With MindMeister’s collaboration and voting features, it’s easy to expand an in-depth conversation on a single task using mind maps, which takes the conversation into a realm that I consider far more productive. From within MindMeister, you can also easily turn nodes into tasks, and link tasks into MeisterTask projects.

MeisterTask also has time tracking, great keyboard navigation, and integration with email. It also syncs with services such as GitHub, Zendesk, Google Drive, Slack, and Dropbox. There’s an API being finalized right now for custom integrations and tools, too.

I’m excited about this. I’m already using it with family and friends for small-to-medium projects, and I think it will scale quite well. It’s free to use, with a Pro package coming soon. Head over and check it out.