Thanks to Paddle for sponsoring this week. I use Paddle for Marked 2 and it’s been so good that I’m planning to use it for a couple of (secret and not-so-secret) upcoming apps. I just integrated the new analytics features, and with two lines of code I’m receiving opt-in analytics info that’s helping me make solid development and marketing decisions.

App analytics can be complex and expensive to set up, and more often than not they’re restricted to specific platforms. That’s why built a range of free in-app analytics SDKs for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows to help developers gain insights about their apps and users in a single, beautiful dashboard.

After a simple integration process involving just 3 lines of code, the Paddle dashboard will start pulling in real-time data about your app’s daily/weekly/monthly active users, where in the world they’re based, the operating systems and devices they use, number of app launches and more. The best part is that all of this data is available for free and out of the box; there’s no need for complex configurations. 

Developers wanting to dig deeper can also upgrade to Paddle’s “Plus” packages (starting at $10 per month) to create their own custom, app-specific metrics. Whether that’s tracking the number of documents created, level-ups in a game, or tasks created, custom metrics provide the data that’s relevant to your app.

Paddle’s new analytics SDKs tie seamlessly into their existing range of developer tools – such as the checkout and trial SDK for Mac & Windows – making it simple for developers to manage and sell their apps & games outside independently. 

Try Paddle Analytics Plus free for 14 days.

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