Slopes 1.4 for winter sports lovers

This year at WWDC I ran into Curtis Herbert, who showed me an iPhone app he’d developed called Slopes. It’s records, analyzes, and shares stats collected during a day of snowboarding and/or skiing. Despite not being at all capable of winter sports, I was impressed enough with to write it up for TUAW. Version 1.4 was just released, and adds support for the latest iPhones and some great new features using new technologies in iOS 8.

Slopes previously boasted interactive replays of your runs on a 3D map, the ability to ignore lift time, shareable images of basic metrics, integration with Google Earth, and battery management that would let your phone outlast your day on the slopes. The latest version adds a Today widget with key stats for both the current day and your last run, Health Kit integration for calculating calories burned and saving workout information, and full support for the iPhone 6 and 6+.

You can grab Slopes for $4.99 US on the App Store, and get it in time for your next outing. You can find further info and a video at It kind of makes me wish I were more coordinated with that kind of thing…

Brett Terpstra

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