A big thanks to Transporter for sponsoring BrettTerpstra.com this week. I’ve been a happy Transporter user for quite a while! Check the end of the post for 10% off any Transporter purchase.

The Transporter private cloud gives you the same great sharing and access capabilities of cloud services like Dropbox, but does it with private appliances that you own and control with no monthly fees.  It comes in two models – one with an internal drive and one that uses an external USB drive – starting at just $99.

If you’re a power user of services like Dropbox, Transporter has a few key advantages:

  • No recurring monthly fees means you can access and share all your stuff without worrying about capacity limits, bandwidth limits, or whether your friends have Pro accounts.
  • You own and control the device, so you never have to wonder who has access or where your data is stored.
  • Easiest offsite backup around. Simply add a second Transporter at another location like the office and they will automatically sync your files in real time.

Once you install the device, you simply create an account and install the free apps for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. You get a Transporter folder right in Finder or Explorer that works just like Dropbox. It couldn’t be any easier.

Best of all, they keep adding features to make the product better and better. In addition to mobile camera auto-uploads, they just announced unlimited file versioning and undelete capabilities to make it a legitimate tool for collaboration.

BrettTerpstra.com readers can get 10% off any Transporter purchase in the US and EU stores!

Use the code TERPSTRA10 in the US store, and 10TERPSTRA in the EU store.