First, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been supporting me since I went independent. Every time I see the $3-12 monthly donations come in, I’m grateful for you.

I don’t push the reader support thing too much, beyond small links at the bottom of posts. The numbers haven’t grown much in the last few months, though1, so I thought I’d take a shot at promotion.

Monthly support

If you enjoy this blog and find my writing useful, offering a small monthly contribution to show support makes a big difference. Marked, Systematic, and Overtired all pay for me, and I’m delighted to have found a regular stream of blog sponsors, but most of what I do here is given away for free.

If you’re able to offer a small amount of monthly support (as low as $3), it will help keep the lights on and the lab churning out new tools and productivity ideas. I’m also open to suggestions as to what would increase the value of my work for those who do offer monetary support.

Note that the Memberful (non-PayPal) contributions generally mean more of your donation gets to me, and it’s easier for me to collect your names and emails if there’s a value-added feature available in the future.


I’m also available for private Mac productivity consultation, answering questions like “what app does this best,” “how can I set up a future-proof tagging system,” or “how can I automate this?” Contact me to discuss a reasonable rate for your needs.

Contract work

Lastly, I’m also open to contract work. I don’t want to go back into freelancing again, but if you work for an established company that needs a part-time front-end web developer, writer, coder, or a jack of all trades to work on a contract basis, drop me a line.

  1. Currently, 1 in 70 regular visitors to this blog offer regular support.