Git fans are often command line nuts. I know I am. But complex git operations can often be tedious, no matter how experienced you are. I fell in love with the Tower git client some time ago, and it makes using Git easy whether you’re an old pro looking for a fast solution for complex operations, or a total newbie with no command line experience. It makes complex merges, chunking and cherry picking, rolling back changes, etc. a breeze. Tower 2 is out today, and it’s a complete re-imagining of the tool.

The visual conflict wizard is a godsend when you run into heavily conflicted merges. That, in combination with the latest version of Kaleidoscope make it (nearly) painless to fix up those merges.

If you’ve been using git-flow, that workflow is now built into Tower. It’s a great way to keep a development branch, feature branches and a master “release” branch organized, with shortcuts for the necessary merging and rebasing procedures.

Automatic background fetching, service account manager, multiple window support, and direct display of unsynced commits round out a very full new feature set. Check out the Tower website for more info.

A single-user license is available for $59 US (and includes all future 2.x upgrades). Owners of a Tower 1 license get an upgrade price of $29 US, and customers who purchased Tower 1 on or after June 1, 2014 can get Tower 2 for free. See the store for purchase details.

I’d recommend that any Git user (or anyone interested in getting started with Git) check out Tower 2!