I’ve been a Nozbe subscriber for years now, and I’m pleased to have them as a sponsor this week. Founder Michael Sliwinski is truly passionate about productivity, and it shows in all of his products.

Nozbe is a cross-platform time and project management app for busy professionals and their teams. It’s collaborative, with delegation and conversations for every task. You can add attachments to any task or project, and it interfaces with Box, Dropbox, and Evernote for sharing and collaborating on all types of content.

I’ve used Nozbe with great results as a personal task manager, but it shines even more brightly in team environments. You can comment on each other’s tasks, collaborate on projects, assign tasks to certain team members, and get updates on all progress within the app and by email digest.

Today, Nozbe is launching beta versions of its apps. You can download the Nozbe 2.0 beta (codename OneNozbe) for Mac and Windows, as well as log in to the web app at beta.nozbe.com. You can also sign up to beta test Nozbe apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android, available after July 21.

Nozbe has been around since 2007, beginning as a single web application. Now there’s an entire suite of apps for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. This newest version of Nozbe focuses on speed, simplicity, and design. It adds some great new features, including batch task management.

Nozbe is a free app (up to 5 projects) or $10 per month (with unlimited projects). If you prepay for a full year, you save 20%. BrettTerpstra.com readers can use the coupon code BRETT for an additional 15% off. Check it out!