This week, is sponsored by Doxie and their line of portable scanners. I’m a big fan of Doxie and have been happily using their products from day one.

Doxie Go is the smart, cordless portable document scanner that works anywhere without a computer and syncs seamlessly with your Mac. Doxie stores up to 400 scans in memory, then syncs to your desktop. Doxie’s Mac app makes it easy to organize and create multi-page PDFs on your desktop or in the cloud. Doxie’s just about the size of an empty paper towel roll, so it’s easy to scan then tuck away in a drawer when you’re not using it.

Doxie is all about different paperless workflows – that is, Doxie’s app is like an inbox for your scans, and you’re in complete control of what happens next. Some Doxie users save off to a local folder structure; others save to a cloud app like Dropbox, OneNote, or Evernote. It’s up to you. Doxie offers complete flexibility for organizing all your paper.

Here’s another neat workflow: Use Hazel to create character recognition workflows that automatically sort your Doxie searchable PDFs. By creating a rule that looks for, for example, your power company account number, Hazel automatically files all your scans instantly. You can store them on your local drive, or in Dropbox for instant access anywhere. See Shawn Blanc’s article for tips on how to set up Hazel and Doxie to work together, and check out his video review too.

Finally: this week, Doxie Go is on sale for $164.67 on Amazon (about $35 off).