So I made this. It’s not even what I’ve been spending most of my hacking time on the last couple of days, but that’s not quite ready to unveil yet. Actually, neither is this…

Basically, this little utility allows you to post notes to NoteHub from a file, your clipboard, or STDIN. It gives you back the url of your now-publicly-available page, and can optionally shorten it, copy it, or open it for you automatically.

You can specify an alternate theme (dark, solarized-dark, solarized-light), as well as set the header and text fonts to any Google webfont. The shortened url that it returns will maintain all of these settings when distributed.

notehub also keeps a set of data about all the notes you create, and allows you to update them. You can run notehub update alice and it will give you a menu of all the notes you have with “alice” in the title. Pick one and it will update with the file, clipboard or STDIN you pass to it.

I may eventually make it possible to edit Notehub notes locally, sucking them down, editing them and pushing them back up, but it’s doing what I need it to do for now.

If you’re interested, see the GitHub repo for installation and usage instructions (they’re minimal at best for now, apologies).