I’ve updated the Comment Flags Service to handle long options. Comment Flags takes a terminal command and adds markup so you can comment on each flag/switch in the command for the purposes of documentation:

The previous version of this Service could only handle short options, like -d or combined short options like -ltR. It ignored long options like --format=markdown because I assumed that long options were verbose enough to make sense. I recently changed my mind on that, so now the Service includes comment markers for long options as well.

Here’s a quick video of running the Service in TextBuddy.

(Aside: to run macOS Services in TextBuddy, you need to run a little defaults write command in Terminal.. Also, I don’t know why my Services are showing up twice, as seen in the video, right now. Mysterious.)

Hope this is of use to those writing about terminal commands or documenting their own tools!

Comment Flags Service v1.0.1

A Service to make pretty comments for switches/flags in command line examples

Published 03/25/21.

Updated 12/31/22. Changelog

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