Mindmeister, my favorite online mind mapping tool, saw a major update today. With a flat UI and updated color palette, it’s looking great, and new tools and tool layout make it more powerful than ever.

One of the most exciting features is the ability to embed and export from Presentation Mode, which lets you define frames on the map and zoom between them in an order you define. It’s a great way to present information directly from a brainstorming session, or create a slide deck using the powerful ideas behind radiant thinking.

It also now features RDF export (OPML coming soon) for making it easier to get information between applications. The OPML support will be more useful to many of us on Macs, and I’m promised that it’s on the near-future roadmap.

The icon library has expanded, and the tools for automatically finding images and wiki links have been made more obvious and accessible. In fact, I’m finding that all of the elements I had to point out to people are now intuitive and require very little — if any — explanation.

Other new features include full-screen mode (which improves Presentation Mode as well), OAuth 2.0 login through Google Apps, and a more predictable and accurate Print mode.

This is a great update to Mindmeister, and it’s an amazing tool for mind mapping in the cloud and on all devices. Check it out at www.mindmeister.com.