A cool new app was released today called Shoots & Leaves. It lets you snap a picture and immediately turn it into a plain text link in your clipboard for sending to an array of services and other apps. Get it? Shoots and leaves… I find it funny, anyway.

You set up an upload service, choosing from Imgur, Dropbox or CloudApp (more services coming soon), and pick a default destination for the generated link. You can copy it to your clipboard as a Markdown link, send it to Drafts with a customizable template, email it, message it, send it to OmniFocus or Reminders and more. Once set up, every time you shoot a picture it’s uploaded instantly and passed on to your chosen target. Switching targets takes just 2 taps and you’re ready to shoot again.

Whether you’re blogging on the go or sharing images with friends, this is a great app for anybody. It’s especially handy for those of us who like (or need) to work in plain text but want images included.

Shoots & Leaves is only $1.99 today. It will go up in price soon, so check it out on the App Store and get the intro price while you can!