Begin 1.5 for iPhone has been released on the iTunes App Store. Begin is an iPhone app that lets you quickly gather todos and check them off or move them to “tomorrow” with simple gestures. I first mentioned Begin when it was released, and it’s progressed nicely with this version bump, which boasts quite a few refinements and new features:

  • You can edit to-dos by double tapping
  • Tasks stick around for 5 days instead of 2
  • An indicator for uncompleted tasks
  • An extended in-app purchase that adds1:
    • Full Screen mode
    • More typefaces
    • Last Chance Reminder, a second alert with custom scheduling
    • Icon badge with remaining task count
    • Disable reminders on weekends

There are now six themes, including the gorgeous Solarized themes, as well as five fonts to choose from.

If you’re looking for a simple todo list app without an overkill of bells and whistles, Begin is an excellent option. Check it out in the App Store.

  1. the extension pack is free to those who purchased the previous in-app purchase