I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the last week as all kinds of Systematic casting call responses have come in. Listening to people of all ages from all around the world has been making me cheerful in a way I can’t fully explain. Thanks to everyone who’s brightened my week. I’ll be starting to contact some of you this week to talk about scheduling.

I’m going to keep this going. I’ll still be scheduling guests that I hunt down myself, but I now have a wealth of “regular” people doing amazing things to talk to, which is exactly what Systematic has always been about for me. I’ll mention it on the shows, and hopefully continue to receive notes from people with great stories.

For those who haven’t yet, if you’d ever be interested in being a guest on Systematic, you should definitely sit down for five minutes and tell me about yourself. I haven’t heard one yet that was anything but wonderful to listen to. Just make a recording — audio quality isn’t important, only what you have to say — and toss it into the Audio Drop. I would ask one favor: because I didn’t build any kind of database system for this (yet), it’s quite helpful if you include your full name in the audio filename.

A few people have sent video, too, which is also really fun. Don’t be shy!

Happy Thanksgiving, and a big thank you to all the Systematic listeners.