Oyster Giveaway

It seems like only yesterday I was giving away copies of Briefly. Next thing I know, I’m sitting here with five codes for Oyster, the regular expression testing app I reviewed a little while ago.

The giveaway is open to everyone except residents of Canada1. Enter below, and use a valid email address (and a unique name). Entries are collected in a protected database and discarded after the giveaway. No email address shenanigans. Winners are drawn at random from all collected entries.

Five copies of Oyster ($4.99 US value) will be given out on Friday, July 19th at noon(ish), at which time no more entries will be accepted.

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.

  1. If anyone is well-versed in the Canadian laws surrounding giveaways and would like to help me work around this or narrow it down, please contact me. I’m a legalese idiot.

Brett Terpstra

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