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        </picture>](http://5by5.tv/systematic/44 "Systematic Episode 44 - Carla White")

I’m late posting this. The episode went up on time (Tuesday), but the post about the episode is… behind schedule. Carla White was a great guest, and we had a high-energy talk about how a non-developer can take an app idea from start to finish and put quality apps out on the app store.

For anyone who listens through to the end, my hand is still numb and the doctor has me in a brace, thinking carpal tunnel. I’m not convinced, given that at various points this numbness has spread across my entire right side, from waist to neck and even into my face. It’s currently only in my hands, up part of my forearm and my armpit, but it seems like something other than carpal tunnel at this point. I’ll be seeing a specialist as I’m able to make appointments.

Nobody seems willing to entertain an infection-related cause, but the ear infection I’ve had for two months seems suspicious. I will leave diagnosis in the hands of qualified professionals, though, assuming I can find some…

In the meantime, check out Systematic #44 at 5by5.