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        </picture>](http://5by5.tv/systematic/39 "Systematic Episode 39 - Christopher Gamblee-Wallendjack")

My planned guest for episode 39 had to cancel at the last minute. I decided to take the opportunity to find a guest I’d never heard of and see how things went.

I put out a call on Twitter and App.net, and dropped a link in the 5by5 IRC room. Pretty soon I had about 40 people to check out and pick from. It wasn’t easy, there were a lot of really interesting-sounding people who were willing to step up.

I ended up choosing to talk with Christopher Gamblee-Wallendjack. I put the other top candidates on a list and as spots open up I’ll probably tap them again to see if they’re still interested.

The conversation went smashingly. I had a lot of fun meeting someone new, and I’d like to thank Christopher for making the time!

Check out the result in Systematic Episode #39 on 5by5.