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No April Fools jokes here, just a bunch of Alfred 2 goodness.

“Alfredo is a [Ruby] wrapper for Alfred 2’s new Workflow system. It generates a XML response based on the information in the Alfred Forums.”
Alfred 2 Ruby Framework
A framework for Alfred 2 workflow development in Ruby.
Alfred workflow for Github
An Alfred 2 workflow for Github that works almost like the GitHub command bar.
Alfred 2 Workflow List – Search, Install and Share
The beginnings of a repository for all of the Alfred 2 Workflows popping up.
Yak pushing workflow
“It has the basic trimmings, i.e. a Contacts custom action you can wire up to phone numbers in Alfreds contacts viewer, a dial keyword and keyboard shortcuts to handle stuff selected in OS X applications.”

And one non-Alfred link because I think it sounds like the start of something pretty cool:

Convert notes and highlights from iBooks to PDFs or Evernote notes on your desktop. A really cool idea, I need to test it out and see if it works.

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