While dinking around with Alfred 2, I came up with something kind of handy. It’s a workflow containing just a file filter which constrains the search to your nvALT folder and searches only by OpenMeta tags, and a shell script that opens the file in nvALT.

It requires that you store your database as text files (you should be doing that anyway, more on that soon). Just adjust the file filter to point to your own folder and it should be good to go.

The default keyword is nvt. Just enter it followed by a space and the name of your tag to start searching.

I’m especially excited about the fact that you can return XML responses to Alfred, primarily because it means you can create dialogs. Combined with the workflow system, that means you could return a list of results, ask for confirmation and act accordingly. Pretty cool, and I think I might be posting some more complex actions as time allows.

nvALT Tag Search for Alfred 2 v1.2

A workflow for Alfred 2 that searches your nvALT folder by tag only

Published 03/15/13.

Updated 03/15/13. Changelog

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