A relatively new app called Pinbrowser highlights the social aspect of bookmarking on the “Antisocial Bookmarking” platform, Pinboard. It allows you to quickly browse other people’s public bookmarks by user, tag or popularity, right on your iPhone.

If you use Pinboard as a source of lesser-known news, information and app links — as some of your favorite bloggers do — Pinbrowser is a great way to distill your favorite topics and links from trusted users into an easy-to-digest list. Send bookmarks of interest to Twitter, other Pinboard apps or to apps such as Instapaper or Pocket for later examination.

Pinbrowser also supports a callback URL for connection to bookmarklets and apps such as Launch Center Pro.

Pinbrowser is a simple, one-thing-well type of app with great possibilities for information gathering. It’s only 0.99 US on the iTunes App Store.