A year ago Jarrod Glasgow was driving trucks for a living. Now he’s making awesome iOS apps. His first app, AeroPress Timer is a really good-looking app that holds some of the best recipes for making AeroPress coffee.

Each recipe has a description and overview, and then a series of countdown timers. Pour, stir, steep and press. It has inverted and normal orientation recipes, and describes the grind and amount of coffee to use for each.

I’m drinking an excellent cup of coffee made using the “Bold” recipe right now. It’s excellent. I used to accomplish this with the default stopwatch app and a lap timer, but this is a major improvement. There’s a great video of it in action on Vimeo.

Pick up AeroPress Timer ($1.99 US) on the App Store and make a great cup of coffee. If you don’t have an AeroPress, pick one up for around $30. You’ll thank yourself after your first cup.