To make up for my nerdery yesterday, I present the dumbest service ever made. By me, anyway, I’d hate to strip that title unknowingly from someone else without a fair fight.

It turns text upside down.

You know.

˙sıɥʇ ǝʞı˥

I typed the alphabet and a few characters into some “fun text!” site and ran a quick regular expression to twist the originals and the replacements into a Ruby hash format. Break up the input string, reverse it and print out the replacement character if the original exists as a key in the hash.

It will break on lots of characters and may cause unwanted hair growth. I have to stop writing now because I promised myself it wouldn’t take me longer to post it than it did to write it.

Should you be the sort who does want to send upside down text in IMs, I zipped it up below. I even put it up as a gist. Shameless.

Of course, Dr. Drang would be able to make me feel better.

Down Under v1

The stupidest service I've ever made. It turns text upside down.

Published 02/12/13.

Updated 02/12/13. Changelog

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