iPhone App Review: Horizon

A new iPhone app with a clever premise hit iTunes today. Horizon is a calendar app with location-aware weather forecasts built in. Now you can see your schedule and what the weather will be during each appointment at a glance.

Horizon screenshot

With uncanny speed, Horizon adds weather icons to each event up to 2 weeks in advance. You can create new events right in the app and get instant weather forecasts just by tapping and holding dates in the calendar view. New events are smart enough to default to the day you’re currently viewing.

Horizon is elegant and good looking, and even has a “night” mode for dimmed viewing. It supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius, 12 and 24-hour time and full swipe gesture support. If you ever schedule weather-sensitive events, Horizon may be for you. It’s currently just US $2.99 ($1.99 temporarily) on the iTunes App Store!

Brett Terpstra

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