Calendar Paste is a handy new app from Christian Tietze (one of the original Notational Velocity hackers). It lets you create event templates for Apple’s Calendar apps on your iPhone. Set the title, location and duration, and then when you need to schedule it just choose it from the list and pick a date and time.

At first I couldn’t think of a use for it, mostly because it wasn’t a possibility I’d ever considered. Then I realized that I schedule things like podcast recordings on a regular basis, rarely at the same time but always the same title and approximate duration. With a template for it, as soon as I confirm a time with a guest, I just tap the “Podcast Recording” template in the list, dial in the date and it’s on the calendar. Team meetings that aren’t repeating events, grocery shopping trips on a need-to-eat basis, it works perfectly for anything that’s the same event but not always on the same day or time.

Your iPhone is potentially an excellent productivity tool. Note-taking, calendar scheduling, communication and all of the other capabilities of iOS. However, the actual benefit of the tool is entirely dependent on how long it takes you to actually use it. Calendar Paste is one of those apps that makes on-the-go productivity a reality.

Calendar paste is available for your iPhone in the iTunes App Store. It’s .99 and potentially a huge time-saver for quickly handling event scheduling.