I’ve added a couple of new API parameters to Marky to allow better nvALT clipping of web pages. First, if you’re not using the nvALT 2.2 beta, the url handler is “nvalt” instead of “nv”. Now you can specify an output type of “nvalt” instead of “nv” and get the right handler returned. I’d recommend, of course, just using the beta. It’s stable and happy.

Second, I added the ability to send a “tags” parameter. Add a url encoded string of space or comma-separated tags and it will add them to the returned url. If the “opennv” parameter is 1, the preview window will launch the URL automatically. You can also use this in bookmarklets to clip silently.

The new parameters are documented in the API section under the Marky input form. It’s pretty simple.

I also added a ready-to-go bookmarklet for the tags feature to Marky’s page. Just scroll down and click “Bookmarklets,” and it will be the last one in the list. This one will pop up a small window where you can add tags and then when you hit Enter or the submit button, it will Markdownify the page you ran it from and add the result to nvALT (or Notational Velocity, whichever is set to handle “nv://” links), tags included. Happy clipping.