Links of interest from June 16, 2012 through June 17, 2012:

I can’t remember why I originally stopped using Moom for window management, but the latest release has me hooked (thanks in part to Macdrifter). It’s leaving the App Store due to restrictions, but if you own the App Store version, the direct download will automatically license itself. It’s cool.
Readability Scores Demo
A free API for retrieving readability metrics for text (ARI, Coleman Liau, Flesch Kincaid, etc.). If you’re a writer and don’t mind some coding, see this gist for an example I whipped up.
Diffbot: Identify and Extract from Any Web Page
A simple API with an outstanding algorithm for finding content (a la Readability), parsing it, tagging it and more. There are already libraries written in Ruby, Python, PHP and more. There’s also a free pricing tier that gives you 10,000 queries/month, which is more than enough to have a jolly good time with.
Annotator - Annotating the Web
I’ve been playing with this concept a lot lately, and this project is an amazing implementation. My desire to dissect it is all the impetus I need to start learning Coffeescript.
If you don’t already have a crazy .bash_profile, here’s a nicely-organized way to get started.