Links of interest from May 29, 2012 through June 5, 2012:

Yummy FTP Watcher
I actually don’t do a lot with FTP these days, but I still love Yummy FTP when I need to. This little $5 app provides some of the original “watcher” functionality for automating up/downloads using the Yummy FTP engine. Pretty nifty.
Punk Hardcore Flyers on Flickr
A great collection of punk rock show posters from days gone by. Ah, nostalgia.
Revisiting secure Dropbox sharing
Great idea from Eddie over at Practically Efficient for Hazel-based expirations on files based on a trailer on the filename.
Smart guy, that Andy Rutledge.
The expert’s guide to Instapaper – Macworld
Great article on Macworld from Eddie over at Practically Efficient.