Web excursions: December 10, 2011 - December 17, 2011

Links of interest from December 10, 2011 through December 17, 2011:

Swipe JS - a lightweight mobile web slider
A very cool library-agnostic javascript slider for touchscreen platforms. Features 1:1 touch movement, resistant bounds, and scroll prevention.
An excellent jQuery plugin for replacing default scrollbars. Works with IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and iOS.
HTML Elements and Attributes
One of the best resources I’ve found for fast reference of HTML5 elements and their uses.
lpenz/atdtool - GitHub
I found this while flirting with adding After the Deadline to Marked… a command line tool with Vim QuickFix integration capabilities.
Python Facts – Did you know that?
Learning Python? I am. Or trying. Here’s a handy flashcard-style reference for getting started.
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