Links of interest from November 4, 2011 through November 16, 2011:

MindMeister for iPad 4.1 arrives!
This is now my favorite iPad mind mapping tool. Sync with the MindMeister web app is awesome. Just need OPML support and I’m 100% in.
Introducing Evernote Clearly: One Click for Distraction-Free Online Reading
Nice, and a perfect complement to the way I use Evernote these days.
Responsive Web Design Templates and Frameworks
A collection of great templates and frameworks for responsive web design.
Redesigning the Country Selector
I’ve never met a country selector in a form that I liked. This is brilliant, in my estimation.
Draw your best representation of a unicode character and Shapecatcher gives you hex codes for the closest matches it can find. Nifty.
tail for RSS feeds.
Original Hover Effects with CSS3
Some really nice effects that work in Firefox, Chrome and Safari quite well.
Demystifing Nth-Child in CSS
It makes so much more sense when you see it like this. Check out the “Visual Calculator.”