I’ve been playing around with some themes for MultiMarkdown Composer, and thought I’d share a few that are turning out half decently. MultiMarkdown Composer’s syntax highlighting uses an extended version of the Peg Markdown Highlight format. You can add themes to ~/Library/Application Support/MultiMarkdown Composer/Styles (create it if it doesn’t exist) and they’ll show up in the Appearances preferences of MultiMarkdown Composer.

I wouldn’t call my initial attempts “awesome,” but they should be a good starting point for some ideas of your own. Note that you can add transparency to colors using an 8-digit hex format where the first two digits represent the alpha opacity. Take ‘em for a spin, let me know what you think, and be sure to share any modifications!

Another note… you can use these themes with editors like Mou, too, but you need to remove the extra MultiMarkdown-specific syntax at the end of each theme (tables, footnotes, etc.).

MultiMarkdown Composer Themes v1

A few themes for the MultiMarkdown composer editor. Handles a variety of color schemes and adds size differentiation for headlines.

Published 10/23/11.

Updated 10/23/11. Changelog

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