Links of interest from October 4, 2011 through October 12, 2011:

print.css – only display what’s needed
Very funny.
jwerty - Awesome handling of keyboard events
This sweet little JavaScript library is being mentioned everywhere, so why not here? It’s a complete key event handler with the ability to assign events to keystrokes, ranges of keys, key sequences and more with very simple syntax. Works with–but does not require–jQuery.
Leaky Websites
From Refined Shot, disturbing news about email collection practices on 185 top websites (times what, about 7?). Trust no one.
Raven for Mac - The Smart Browser
Ok, this looks cool.
Essential jQuery Plugin Patterns
Great coverage of patterns–with skeleton starters–for jQuery plugin programming.
A collection of sensible defaults for OS X Lion
All the handiest Lion defaults settings in one collection. Great for reference, or just run the whole script (after you review the changes, of course).