Web excursions: August 27, 2011 - September 1, 2011

Links of interest from August 27, 2011 through September 1, 2011:

get_permalink memory usage issues
WordPress: a couple of tips from Yoast to drastically reduce your get_permalink memory usage in many cases.
Adaptive Images in HTML
Awesomely simple solution to providing different size images to different devices. Uses .htaccess and GD lib to automate the process.
Learn Vim Progressively
Really great intro to using Vim. Seriously.
Sublime Text 2 Tips and Tricks
Some great tips for setting up Sublime Text 2. If you’re playing around with this text editor, it’s worth exploring some of its more powerful capabilities.
alampros/markium - GitHub
Github Flavored Markdown plugin for Adium (with syntax highlighting). Just starting to test this out, but it’s already awesome.
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