Links of interest from May 24, 2011 through May 31, 2011:

CSS: Elastic Videos
“Using the max-width:100% and height:auto trick works with native HTML5 video tag, but it doesn’t work with embed code using iframe or object tag…”
Andy Rutledge - The Designer Designs
“…if you’re the client, you describe problems or concerns and the designer then shows you changes. If you’re asking for changes you’re the one doing the designing. In that case there’s no need for you to have hired a designer and you’re wasting money.” Great response to 37signals from Andy Rutledge
How To Implement Keyboard Shortcuts In Your Web Application - Part 1
This is a much more maintainable pattern for adding keyboard navigation than what I’ve used in the past. This is the first part of a great, three-part series.
Understanding the Publish/Subscribe Pattern for Greater JavaScript Scalability
I didn’t discover this pattern until I wrote my first Safari extension. It’s worth getting a grasp on.
Sean Coates blogs: Remote pbcopy
Unbelievably cool. If you’re into that sort of thing, I suppose. I am. Via @nriley