Web excursions: April 9 - April 13

Links of interest from April 9 through April 13:

murtaugh/HTML5-Reset - GitHub
An HTML5 “blank” wordpress theme. I’m planning a major overhaul of the blog, this would probably be a good starting point.
Nurph. Chatting in Twitter? Get a Room.
This is a great idea, really. A way to offload extended/mundane conversations from Twitter to a more appropriate forum. I just hope I remember it next time I need it. Ah, bookmarking.
The New Guy’s Computer - (37signals)
Nice… this is very close to my own collection of must-install apps, just substitute LaunchBar for Alfred and Divvy for SizeUp.
Pow: Zero-configuration Rack server for Mac OS X
Rails developers–especially ones who deal with multiple Ruby configurations–will love this for local development. Snazzy.
ded/qwery - GitHub
“Qwery is a 1k blazing fast query selector engine […] according to our benchmarks Qwery is 2x faster than Sizzle…” It’s half the size of Sizzle, too.
Diffbot: Follow Anything
Whoa, hot. Readability clone with page spanning and REST API.
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