Links of interest for March 28: Finds Your Public IP Anywhere
I’d link the service, but there’s not much to see. Which is why it’s awesome.
Huge Showcase of Detailed Interface Design Elements
Highlights from Dribbble.
LeaVerou/CSSS - GitHub
Lea Verou’s CSSS HTML5-based presentation platform. This is my new base for my slideshow projects, and deservedly so. Check it out!

Note: adding stacks, builds and external note/next slide popup.
Lea Verou
I’ll admit it. I had never heard of Lea Verou until I found the name in a few very cool javascripts. This blog deserves a place in the RSS reader of any web designer.
CSS gradients please!
Nice script to convert standard linear-gradient syntax to -moz, -o, and -webkit syntax, with ready-to-paste properties.