Links of interest from March 26 through March 28:

Hacker’s Guide to Tea
I took the Community Ed course from Mandala Tea, so I knew this stuff. Here it is, though, all put in one great article.
Use the Bash trap Statement to Clean Up Temporary Files
A great little Bash tip for any budding shell scripters. trap has all kinds of possibilities for reducing code and providing better error handling.
Syntax - Kramdown
A Markdown superset for Ruby which adds–most importantly to me–the ability to set attributes (class, id, etc.) on both inline span and block-level elements.
S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System
Really still the best HTML slideshow. I’ve tried a ton now, but I love features like the external note/time HUD.
CSS3 A practical introduction
I’m working on rebuilding S5 to use Maruku (Markdown+), HTML5 and CSS3. This site includes most of the tricks I want to do…
CODE2K:LABS - MailPluginFix
If you’re like me, is only bearable with a few plugins, all of which break when Apple updates OS X. Here’s an easy fix for incompatibility issues that arise.
Pinboard API (v1) Documentation
Pinboard finally documented their API!
PHP plist parsing
Handy rundown on parsing OS X plist files with PHP and XML scripting.