Links of interest from March 12 through March 20:

Use Finder’s trash method from the command line. This build enables the “Put Back” feature in Finder for undeleting files.
View color-coded output of compiled AppleScripts from the command line.
Dropbox Forms: Receive files from your web site to your dropbox!
Handy upload possibilities for getting client files.
Opening Ruby gems in TextMate - TextMate
Good primer on setting up your own tab-completion sets in Bash.
rsync + Automator = free and easy backups for your Mac
Good tip for backing up your Mac at Practically Efficient.
wfarr/dotjs.safariextension - GitHub
This is pretty sweet for Chrome/Safari hackers. You can just add scripts to a ~/.js folder, named based on the domain they should run on. jQuery 1.4.4 is loaded automatically with your scripts. It ties in with defunkt’s dotjs.
Ten Things Every WordPress Plugin Developer Should Know - Smashing Magazine
If you’re developing (or ever develop) WordPress plugins, these are some great tips.