Here’s where things are at, in case anyone was wondering:

Instapaper Beyond: I just sent an update to Apple this morning, and hope to have it approved shortly. It’s a basic maintenance release to catch up with the recent changes to Instapaper. I want to incorporate the new sharing features into the “t” menu, but that’s not quite ready yet. Current users of the plugin should receive an automatic update as soon as Apple gives me the ok.

Markdown QuickTags: Version 0.7.11 is out as of today, and includes several fixes for minor annoyances. Of particular note is the bug that caused the page to scroll up when pressing the enter key in Firefox 4; that’s fixed, thanks to some help from Kai Schlamp.

nvALT: A release is imminent. I am indeed working with ElasticThreads on this one. The roadmap will diverge a little, and even the name might change, but the first joint release combines the best of both of our forks and the latest changes to Notational Velocity. I can’t guarantee at this point that the auto-updater in nvALT will make the leap, but I will post here to let you know if a new download will be required. Keep your eyes peeled, this is going to be cool. custom style: for those aware of the custom stylesheet I’m creating for Pinboard (unofficial, just an override), that should be ready soon. I have a few secondary page style issues to deal with, and then it should be ready to go. I’ll post it here as soon as it’s ready. Here’s a preview…

Changes at the day job are probably going to reduce the overall time I have for this kind of mad science, but I’m planning to keep all of these projects going. I also know myself well enough to be certain that my brain will make time for code experimentation, even if it means losing a few nights of sleep.