Links of interest from December 31 through January 2:

Clickable Tweet Links, Hashtags & Usernames In A Custom NSTextView ~ Flyosity by Mike Rundle
I’m not building a Twitter client, but there are some darn handy tricks in here.
UMEKit - Open Source UIKit for Mac OS X Cocoa Desktop Applications
Make Mac desktop apps look like iPhone apps. I will try not to get carried away with this.
The 15 Best Vim Plugins – Steve Francia’s Blog
I can’t prove they’re the best, but they are among the most awesome I’ve found yet.
VIM from novice to professional by: Derek Wyatt #part 1
I haven’t watched them yet. I don’t promise anything, but they’re on my list of things to do when I don’t have things I have to do.
GMail client in Vim… I could get used to this.
Bootie - Best of Bootie 2010
Holy crap.
3 Web Tools To Collect And Share Bundles Of Interesting Links
I didn’t know could bundle URLs in one short link. That’s pretty cool.
The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide
Dropbox FTW.
Perl script to watch for changes in your Simplenote account and trigger user-defined actions based on the changes.
Vim Tips Wiki
Some Vim craziness.