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Links of interest from November 24 through November 25:

Daniel Fischer’s Blog - A Starting Guide to VIM from Textmate
Just in case you’re thinking of switching to VIM (or MacVIM), check this out.
Quickly Fix Command Line Mistakes with the Carat (^) Symbol
I always forget about this one.
Peg.gd : Markdown Primer
A little Markdown primer I put together for my compatriots at TUAW who are interested in learning it, but a little overwhelmed by the primary documentation. It’s all be laid out before, probably even more concisely, but I thought I’d share what I put together. Plus, I’m spreading the word about peg.gd… try it out!
Stop iTunes after this song
A pretty cool little (one line) script to make iTunes stop after the current track. Could be probably expanded to do just about any task after it finishes the track (I think, I’ll have to play with that, pending determination of overall usefulness).

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