I did some massive Spring cleaning over the weekend, and found a lot of “treasures” that, after having been momentarily cherished, are on their way to the dump. A pile of Dead Kennedy’s and TCHC cassettes from High School that had been severely devastated by an extended stay in the garage, original vinyl pressings from some of my old bands, Phreak boxes, and more defunct electronics than I could possibly E-bay. Amongst all of it, though, I found a CD of work from my Interactive Multimedia degree at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Aside from my diploma, it’s really the only proof I have left that I was ever there. There was definitely some interesting work on there, though.

We were given a weather report from a local cable station. Our assignment was to make it interesting, and this is what I did with it. The sound design, especially, makes me chuckle.

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